Quanzhou South Shaolin Ngo Cho Kun




Quanzhou Shaolin Temple lies at the foot of eastern Qing yuan Mountain at Quanzhou Fujian province. The temple was established during the Tang dynasty. The southern and northern Shaolin temples are of the same sect. The south shaolin temple was home to many holy Buddhist monks as well as martial monks train in southern Fujian kung fu such as wuzuquan (five ancestor fist), bei he (white crane) and ta mo kung fu ( grand ancestor ). The shaolin martial combat monks were active in helping the local community fighting off bandits, thugs, and pirates that kept on harassing, pillaging, and invading nearby coastal villages.


The martial skills of the monks became so well known that the local government have come to seek their assistance for military aid. In 1763 because of its involvement with anti-Qing movement, the Qing government ordered the destruction of the temple. The temple was never rebuild since then, until in 1982 surviving masters of wuzuquan kung fu from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and Quanzhou together with master from other Fujian kung fu came together united on a bold journey to rebuild the South Shaolin temple.


Finally, in 1992 with the cooperation and assistance of the Chinese government together with financial donations from many wuzuquan enthusiasts, the rebuilding of the temple has begun. Its reconstruction began on Oct .13, 1992 and the first project was completed in 1997. Hall of Sakyamuni (the founder of Buddhism), Wuguan hall and the monks’ dorm building rose from the ground. Then it started to enroll new students to learn South Shaolin Kungfu and Buddhism.


At present, wuzuquan (five-ancestor fist) kung fu is the official martial art and physical training program of Quanzhou South Shaolin temple. The South Shaolin temple is also headquarters of The International South Shaolin Wuzuquan Union.


With the great care and support from the municipal administration and the various public circles, the re-building project will be carried out systematically. The completion of hill gate, Daxiong Palace, Hall of preaching, hall of Eighteen Arhats, hall of Goddess Xuannu, hall of Avaloketesvara, Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, Hall of Taoist Deity, etc; will make Quanzhou shaolin Temple one of the largest Temples in China. Its renovations will depend on all enthusiasts and devotees’ continuous help and efforts.

2003 Quanzhou Wuzuquan group.

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