Sifu Jeffrey Yang has been involve in ngo cho since 1975 and has been a very active and serious students under the late Sifu Lo King Hui. He has been a member of Kong Han Athletic Club from 1975 - 1978. In 1978 due to economic necessity coach Jeffrey Yang migrated to the USA where he become a successful restaurant operator. Jeffrey Yang is also a feng sui teacher train under master Yap Ching Hai. From the day Jeffrey Yang migrated to the USA in 1978 he has never abandone his roots and training of ngo cho kun. At present with the blessing and permission of headmaster Henry Lo, son of Sifu Lo King Hui of Philippine Kong Han Athletic Club and with the assistance of Sifu Dan Kun, Sifu Jeff have started to teach ngo cho kun in his community.

In April 9, 2011 Sifu Jeffrey Yang became a member of Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu Assn. of Canada (North America) his outstanding contribution, achivement in the advancement of ngo cho kun kung fu since 2004, his display of dedication, maturity and loyalty has earn him the 6th O-Duan from the association.

Chief Instructor Mark Tucker 

O Duan V

kung fu name  克 "Ma Ta Ke"

Chief Instructor Shawn Stack

O Duan V

kung fu name 肖強虎 Xiao Qiang Hu

Chief Instructor Jarrod Suffecool

O Duan V 

Kung name 華羅漢 Hua Luo Han

Chief Instructor Scott de Perro

O Duan V

Kung fu name 華心虎 Hua Xin Hu

Instructor Tracey Cline

O Duan II

Kung fu name 華輝鶴 Hua Huihe

Instructor Gage Kimble

O Duan III

Kung name: 華金林 Hua Kim Lin

"Gold Forest"

Instructor Hui Nguyen

O Duan II

kung fu name 輝优胜 Hui Yu Shen

Instructor Drea Cadispoti

O Duan II

Kung Fu name 華光虎 Hua Guang Hu

Instructor Jordan Stack

O Duan II

Kung fu name 肖勇虎 Xiao Yong Hu

Instructor Jason Le

O Duan I

Kung fu name 林誌強 Lin Zhiqiang

Instructor John Fehrenbach

O Duan I

Kung fu name 方巨豹

Fang Ju Bao "Panthro"

Instructor Brandon Alger

O Duan I

Kung fu name: 敖榮獅

Ao Rong Shi "Lionel"

Instructor David Phillips

O Daun I

Kung name: 畢利武 "Martial"




Sifu Jeffrey Yang 2008


2002 Jeffrey Yang completing his "feng sui" training under Master Yap Ching Hai

For training contact email

Sifu Jeff

cell number 330-353-4453

Sifu Milo Ong started his training at Kong Han in 1972 at age 16, as a student he was very deligent and trains hard. Two years into his training he became part of Kong Han elite ngo cho kun team, his skill was outstanding with excellent "se" and "lat" his weapon of choice the sang neng pi or sai. In 1982 he migrated to USA and is presently located in LA Hollywood USA.

For personal training in group or one on one in LA Hollywood area Sifu Milo Ong is available to teach, he can be reach at:







     Courage, Trustworthy, Wisdom, Virtue,

                         Loyalty, Honest




















Tai chi class


8:30 am – 9:30am



 Priate training by appointment

Tai chi class


8:30 am – 9:30am


 Private training by appoitnment





Tai chi class


8:30 am – 9:30 am


Ngo Cho Kun kung fu


8: am -

11:00 am


Tai Chi

8:00 - 9:00 am





  11:00 am to 12:00 noon

NCK kung fu


11:00 am to 12:00 noon

NCK kung fu











 7:30 - 9:30 pm


Ngo Cho Kun kung fu class




 7:30 - 9:30 pm


Ngo Cho Kun kung fu class

 7:30 - 9:30 pm


Ngo Cho Kun kung fu class













School gym located at 5300 State Street, NE Canton, Ohio USA 44721

For more information contact Sifu Jeff Yang at

tel. # 330-353-4453 or email

2021 October 

Gage of Ohio USA

Tracey with Sifu Jeff


2015 Nov. 12-15 at the International Wuzuquan South Shaolin Federation competition team Ohio USA led by Sifu Jeff with his students Gage and Tracey teaming up with Canada, Florida USA, Brazil and Singapore.



2013 August 10 Akron Ohio Martial Arts Tournament. Aiden and Austin 7 years old 1st and 2nd place.


2012 Work shop at Canton-Ohio (L-R) Mark, Bryan, Jarrod, Sifu Dan, Sifu Jeff, Scott and Sifu Scooper


2012 O-Duan members KH-NCK Ohio USA



Congratulations! to Huy and Tracey for their success in winning first place in traditional kung fu weapons and traditional empty hand routines at the Wu Tang Chinese Martial Arts tournament August 4, 2012 at Akron Ohio USA.


Dragon Cup recipients: Jarrod, Jordan and Mark Tucker.

Competitors, ready at the Arnold Sports Festival Chinese Traditional Martial Art Division 2012 March 3 Columbus Ohio USA.


2012 Team USA-KHNCK at Arnold Sports Festival Chinese Martial Art Division.
Jason 1 bronze, Jordan 3 gold, Shawn 2 gold, Sifu Jeff, Jarrod 4 gold, Huy 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze, Drea 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze, Mark 4 gold




2011 July 10 -12 gathering; Instructor Bryan 3rd degree (Canada), Sifu Jeff (Ohio USA), Sifu Daniel (Canada), Chief Instructor Mark 4th degree (Ohio USA), Instructor Scott 1st degree (Ohio USA), Instructor Abigail 2nd degree (Canada) and Chief Instructor Shawn 4th degree (Ohio USA, not in the photo)

Sifu Jeff and Sifu Dan with the Ngo Cho Kun "Five Ancestor Fist" special poster getting it ready for officiating, 2011 July.


Attendees to the July 10 -12 work shop on sam chien and short staff conducted by Sifu Daniel


(seated) students; Mitchel, Gage, Huy (standing) Instructor Abigail 2nd degree, Instructor Bryan 3rd degree, Sifu Daniel 8th degree, Sifu Jeff 6th degree, Chief Instructor Mark 4th degree, Jr. Instructor Drea, Chief Instructor Shawn 4th degree, student Jordan, Jr. Instructor Eddie, student Mitchel.

Sifu Jeff, Julie (daughter of Sifu Jeff), Abigail (daughter of Sifu Dan), Sifu Dan and Bryan (son of Sifu Dan) 2011





2011 July 12 at Jeff and Jennie's restuarant the Manchu Cafe; Bryan, Daniel, Abigail, Jennie, and Jeff






 2006 training on staff form with Sifu Dan Kun


2011 September Sifu Jeff with team members Dave, Scott, Jordan, George, Mark, Huy and Shawn.


Shawn Stack winning 1 gold hand form and two silvers weapon and fighting forms with Sifu Jeff, at the Nov. 11 -13, 2011 International South Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Friendship Association 21st Kung Fu competition.