Instructor O-Duan V Nigel Poulton 華刚虎 Hua Gang Hu” (Magnificent Firm Tiger) has been training in Ngo Cho Kun for the last 20 years in 2009 he started devoting his training in Kong Han Ngo Cho, he has demonstrated great passion, dedication, loyalty and maturity he has absorb substantial understanding and skills in hand and weapons and is presently providing private training at his hometown Riverview Tampa Bay Florida, Instructor Nigel can be reach at 1-813-810-8132 or email:

USA Florida Kong Han 
August 14, 2015 in recognition of Nigel's continue distant training since 2010 his diligence, dedication, maturity in training with great patience to absorb Kong Han Goh Cho kung fu is awarded the 5th O Duan plague by Sifu Dan Kun of Canada Kong Han Goh Cho Kun Kung Fu Association.
At Canton, Ohio USA Sifu Jeff's kwoon with Sifu Dan Kun and other instructors and students taking part in two day special training work shop August 12 -14, 2015
From left to right: Tarcy, Gage, Nigel, Bryan, John, Sifu Jeff, Tucker, Sifu Dan, Brandon, Jarod, Rick and Dave.