Grandmaster Henry Lo 10th dan

2016 Dr. Lo yan Chiu memorial anniversary

2016 November recognition Vice president of Kong Han

2016 November mutual friendship recognition between Ngo Cho Kun and Hung Gar kung fu

2016 October induction of Officers and President of Kong Han Mr. Cu Caesar

1996 Sifu Henry Lo

1st International Wuzuquan Federation convention 1992. Dr. Jeffrey Tse Fai Chua performing Chong Hap Kun "Universal Fist" 綜 合 拳                   

Grand Master Henry Lo with students 2015 Nov. 12- 16 The International South Shaolin Wuzuquan Federation competition.

Kong Han International team from Canada, USA, Brazil with Philippines main club 2015 Nov. 12 -16


Kong Han 77th Anniversary Event

 In attendance to celebrate Kong Han 77th anniversary representatives and guest from Indonesia Ngo Cho Kun, Quanzhou South Shaolin, Quanzhou Ngo Cho Kun, Malaysia, Singapore Beng Seng and Sam Cheen Do, Canada Kong Han group and Alabama USA. 

1st International Ngo Cho Kun Lei Tai Invitational Event June 14, 2014 at Lucky Chinatown Mall, Manila Philippines 五祖拳武術體育擂臺

Participating groups:

Kong Han Main Club Manila Philippines

Canada Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun

Iloilo Philippine Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun

USA Ngo Cho Kun

Quanzhou China Ngo Cho Kun


Kong Han Athletic Club 73rd Anniversary celebration May 9, 2010


GrandMaster Henry Lo with Kong Han students, members and instructors from Kong Han Canada and USA at Quanzhou City 2010 20th anniversary celebration of The International Wu Chu Chuan Friendship Union invitational competition.

Grandmaster Henry Lo was promoted to 10th dan by the International Wu Chu Chuan Union Feb. 26, 2010.

Grandmaster Henry Lo son of Great Grandmaster Dr. Lo King Hui  has inherited the mantle of Kong Han Martial Art Club since 1995 and has successfully guided Kong Han to the 21st century.

GM Henry Lo has expanded Kong Han training to Ohio USA, Vancouver Canada, IloIlo City and Quezon City both in the Philippines.

For training inquiries contact GM Henry Lo at Telephone # (632) 736 2468 or email: