Moral code of Kong Han

Truth, Wisdom, Courteous, Righteousness, Benevolence 

Sifu Dan Kun O-Duan IX

鄞萬人 Yin Wan Ren

Sifu Andy Chan O-Duan VII

陳浩綿 Chen Hao Min

Sifu Jeff Yang O-Duan VII

楊思伟 Yang Si Wei

Sifu Ademilson Reis O Duan VII

華德虎 Hua De Hu

Chief Instructor Bryan Kun O Duan VI

鄞海華 Yin Hai Hua

Chief Instructor Mark Tucker O Duan VI

馬塔克    Ma Ta Ka

Chief Instructor Jarrod O Duan VI

華羅漢 Hua Lo Han

Chief Instructor Nigel Poulton O Duan VI

華刚虎 Hua Gang Hu

Chief Instructor Shawn Stack O Duan V

肖強虎 Xiao Qiang Hu

Chief Instructress Renata O Duan IV

. 席娜鶴 Xi Nu He

Chief Instructor Andre Tigchelaar O Duan IV

安德烈 An De Lei

Instructor Abigail Kun O Duan V

美美 Yin Mei Mei

Instructor Beneta Abraham O Duan IV

安玉鶴 An Yu He

Instructor Tracey Cline O Duan IV

華輝鶴 Hua Hui He

Instructor Victor Chow O Duan IV

曹興虎 Cao Xing Hu

Instructor Gage Kimble O Duan III

華金林 Hua Kim Lin

Instructor Erlend Kristofferssen O Duan V

華銀虎 Hua Yin Hu

Instructor Michael Silva O Duan III

席天虎 Xi Tien Hu

Instructor Joan Kun O Duan III

鄞琼琼 Yin Qiong Qiong

Instructor Brandon O Duan I

敖榮獅 Ao Rong Shi

Instructor David O Duan II

畢利武 Bi Li Wu

Instructor John O Duan II

方巨豹 Fang Ju Bao

Instructor Elaine Abraham

O Duan III

安愛龍 An Ai Long

Instructor Rick Sessions

O Duan I

石武獅 Shi Wu Shi

Instructor James Rohr

O Duan I 

荣杰人 Ron Jie Ren

Instructor Devan Kraushar

O Duan V

華萬虎 Hua Wan Hu

Instructor Zhihong Oon

Instructor O Duan II

温仙拳 Wen Xian Quan

Instructor Thai Phan

O Duan II 

泰漢 Tai Han

Instructor Simon Abraham

O Duan II

安星龍 An Xing Long

Instructor Ann Abraham

O Duan I

安煌鶴 An Huang He

Instructor Gilbert Lee

O Duan II

李偉漢  Li Wei Han 

Instructor Paul Meyer

O Duan II

枚泰山 Mei Tai Shan

Mathew Mylrea

O Duan III

馬武漢 Ma Wu Han

Instructor Allen Wong

O Duan II

黃浩堡 Huang Hao Bao 



      Green Lion Elite

     O-Duan Emblem











Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu Association

(Headquarters in Coquitlam City BC, Canada)


A not for profit association with the purpose of:


  1. Promote, preserve, expand the tradition, culture and history of Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun kung fu
  2. To integrate into the local community the history, heritage of KH-NCK.
  3. To provide training of KH-NCK kung fu to all members as a form of physical fitness and self defense
  4. To provide a social networking to all members in promoting fraternal support, friendship, community services, convention and training seminars.
  5. To provide creditable programs, accreditation and certification to all affiliated schools and members.
  6. To take part in local and international martial art events.
  7. To support charitable institution such as Children's Hospital, Cancer Research etc.
  8. To provide similar and related services as determine by members of the association.

Any individual regardless of nationality who are kin to be part of the prestigious rich history, tradition and heritage of Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun are welcome to join the association. For membership information and application email: Sifu Daniel Kun at


Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu Assn. BC Canada

2016 -2019 new set of officers.



The O-Duan


2018 August 5 Ann Abraham "Huang He" 安煌鶴 acceptance to O Duan


2017 August 12 Simon "Xing Long"  安星龍 acceptance to O Duan.

2016 November, Zhi "Wen Xian Quan" 温仙拳 acceptance to O Duan 


Team America Canada, USA and Brazil Nov. 12 -16, 2015 at Quanzhou The International South Shaolin Wuzuquan Federation tournament.

Urghhhh!!! having some kung fu snow ball fun at the Great Wall of China Nov. 2016!



2013 O-Duan Instructors Abigail III degree, Bryan V degree, Andre IV degree, Joan II degree, Chief Instructor Andy VII degree and special student Chris.




July 11, 2011 Kong Han NCK Ohio USA Chapter, O-Duan recipeints, conducted by Sifu Daniel Kun awarded to the following:

Sifu Jeffrey Yang VI degree, Chief Instructor Mark Tucker IV degree, Instructor Scott DePerro I degree and Chief Instructor Shawn Stack IV degree (not in photo)

KHNCK-Sao Paolo Brazil 2012




Norway KHNCK


Tampa-Florida USA KHNCK


Explaining the sam chien elbow break.

Sifu Scooper of Pitsburg USA, Sifu Daniel of Vancouver Canada and Sifu Jeff of Ohio USA

Instructor Bryan, Sifu Jeff, Sifu Daniel, Chief Instructor Mark, Instructor Scott and Instructor Abigail

2012 Oduan from KHNCK-Ohio USA


Group photo of with seminar attendees with Sifu Daniel 2011

The DRAGON CUP is an all around champion trophy from the KHNCK Association that is awarded to any member who excel in any traditional tournament by winning 3 gold medals